Key Benefits

Improve general immune health

Maintain overall physical health

Protect against the harmful effects of stress.

Promote healthy energy levels and mental clarity.

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Where and How

Product Specifications

  • Specific and proprietary form of yeast beta-glucan
  • Extracted from Bakers Yeast
  • Extracted in Colombia
Our rationale

Why do we choose this brand

Proof of efficacy substantiated through strong research. Over 12 published, peer-reviewed clinical with outstanding results on efficacy and safety.

A patented, award winning global brand.

Safe to take daily.

A natural ingredient with broad regulatory approvals, globally. including GRAS status in the U.S. and novel food approval in Europe and China. Sold in 60 countries.

Wellmune supports immune function without over-stimulating the immune system. It is an immune modulator and not a immune stimulant.

Scientific understanding of Wellmune’s mechanism of action in the body of priming the neutrophils is well documented in published, peer-reviewed research.

The ingredient is characterised. Ingredient characterisation results in consistency in manufacturing, stability and efficacy, and shelf-life testing.

Broad Spectrum of protection and benefits.

Broad Extraction Process


  • Heavy Metals
  • Microbiological Contamination

Certified As

  • Patented
  • Kosher
  • Halal
  • Non-Allergenic
  • Gluten Free
  • non-GMO


General Immune Health+
Stress Protection+
Physiological Benefits+
Senior Health+
Sports and Athletes+


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